Facilities management is a workplace trend for 2013

We are happy to see facilities management recognized and earning a place at the strategic planning table, according to this year's Workplace Trends 2013 Report.

At Tashcon we are very familiar with the value of leadership at the C-level within facilities management and real estate. Leaders empowering their team with a clear vision and supporting procedures are successfully shaping the overall efficiency and productivity of their organization.

As a service based builder we are a critical support to the strategic objectives of our clients. When the leadership in the organization is clear we are able to be impactful in the tactical execution. We are proud to support the teams making a difference in the productivity of the organization and the workforce satisfaction and retention.

According to Sodexo’s COO & Market President, Michael Norris “This
year’s report takes a comprehensive look at what is driving efficiency, development
and satisfaction in the workplace, and offers a unique perspective on what is
essential to organizations to help them be productive and grow.”

The 2013 report identifies the following trends:

  1. The Built Environments Crucial Role in Organization Performance
  2. Superstar Recruitment – the Power of Community
  3. Inspiring a Connection to People, Community and Brand Through CSR
  4. A Contemporary View of Inclusion and its Effect of Psychological Health
  5. 21st Century Mentoring
  6. Thriving in the Cloud
  7. Ushering in the New Era of Recognition
  8. Facilities Management: A Strategy, Not a Tactic
  9. Data Reporting OUT; Predictive Modeling IN
  10. International Design and Construction; a Shifting Paradigm
  11. The Changing Office…Literally
  12. Integration as THE Solution

Page 40 of the Workplace Trends Report provides an in depth read on the facilities management portion.

On another note, We found the following statistic interesting as we are always on the look out for great talent:

  • Seven out of ten employers report having successfully hired a candidate through social media—up from 58% in 2010. (page 14)

The full report can be accessed here:


Posted on February 4, 2013 .